Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Where Will You Go From Here" by Valorie Burton - Review and Giveaway

"Where will You Go From Here?" by Valorie Burton offers hope and guidance to recover from life's setbacks.

Valorie offers insight into how many times our lives ends up in the ditch, where we had no intention of being.  She also suggests that even if we didn't mean it to be this way God has a plan and he can walk us through a sickness, death in the family, job loss or much more.  Sometimes we end up in these places because of our own choices, and we can learn to avoid these situations by becoming better decision makers.  She outlines the attitudes and characteristics of the kind of person who manages to make a come back from the worst places.  

Through a variety of steps Valorie helps you to determine the exact damage of your situation, how you ended up there, and what to do next.  She helps you to determine your fears and continues the process by detailing how you can conquer them.  This is followed up by steps to regain your confidence, stability and strength so that you are able to make a come back and feel joy about your decisions even before you are successful with your return.

I liked how this book was practical and clear.  Of course none of us can get ourselves out of a ditch unless we are willing to work, but if you are this is an excellent resource.  Valorie's Christian faith shines through as she relates her own story, and I like that it is offered with such an innocent and confident  manner.  This is one of those books that everyone should have on their shelf.  Then when we get knocked down by life we can pull it out and refocus with new direction.  In the final pages of "Where Will You Go From Here?" there are discussion questions for each chapter that can be used in a group setting, or to guide you as you coach another through a difficult point in their life.

"Where Will You Go From Here?" is a practical and clear guide to recovering from the hard places that we sometimes find, our lives have taken root.

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