Monday, September 26, 2011

Chess would be better

My youngest son has taken up football and I really think he is making a mistake.  I've tried to convince him that there is strategy and testosterone building moments in chess but he refused to believe me.  I'm sure you can go to college on a chess scholarship and occasionally a pawn falls to the ground making it necessary to get in a three point stance, as you retrieve it from under the table.  Still he refused to hear my sound advice. So, this Saturday I sat in the sun for four hours and watched him practice and then play.  

After reviewing the pictures of my smart and handsome little dude I am going to make one more effort to sell him on the merits of chess.  For instance...

You can wear much looser pants while you tackle your enemy at the chess board.  I've heard men say that loose is good.

Chess is either played at Starbucks or a hotel conference room and they offer backs on all their chairs.

Have you ever seen a chess player frown?  Of course not, frowning causes wrinkles.

Okay the sunglasses are cool but there is air conditioning at Starbucks and you can sip a chocolate milk while you ponder whether or not to move your knight or the queen.

And I ask you, "Has your chess instructor ever made you run an extra lap because one of your team mates couldn't stop talking and just keep his mouth shut?"

When you sit next to your chess team mates they will never stink this bad.

At this point I just think I should beg him to retire.  That's the same cute little face that used to peak out at me from the bars of the crib.  Pretty please?

What do you think?  Did I make a convincing case?


Amy Eldridge said...

I know it's hard to watch him in a game like this, but it's great for him to learn about working, winnning and yes even losing as a team. My son loves team sports I think mostly because he gets to be with a lot of his friends. I think boys are drawn to football because of all the cool equipment they get to put on and it makes them look so huge and tough! They practically double in size! Not to mention the cheerleaders! - Amy

BeanBugCrafts said...

I can't even imagine my little guy playing football! Luckily he is only two so I have a little bit of time yet before I have to accept that he may want to play in a full contact sport. We are in Alaska and hockey is a favorite sport up here. Of course, I know nothing about hockey other than a lot of players have lost teeth! Not something I necessarily want him to partake in either. Good Luck and keep us posted how you come to accept your new football player. :-)

sarah said...

I have two sons who like sports like badminton,running and at times surf boarding,i too ,am not sure how to handle if one of them gets interested , as in really interested in sports

I have a nephew who's into basketball and chose it to be his career,He really is good but when he got injured twice during practice, he was advise to rest for a week.Now that he is back on the game, i kind of worry about his safety but at the same time respected him with his decision to keep playing.that was when i wrote "for the love of the game."

tell you're son he is very brave, but then he is very lucky to have a supportive Mom like you.

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