Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Men Return and A Christmas Tree Ornament

There are many aspects of hunting that I am still very unfamiliar with and Bloodhound has recognized that I am at my limit, and he has not bothered to offer more information.  When he sees the glazed look in my eyes, or I begin to wipe crumbs off the kitchen table, he knows that I have heard all of the wild hunter dialogue that I can take for one day.  However, there is one element of hunting that I do enjoy - the early morning rise.  I adore the way the day feels and sounds when the sun has not risen, and yet the animals are stirring.  So sometimes I will take my camera and go to meet them as they climb out of the woods.

On this day my wee girl made the trip with me.  She helped me find some wild flowers to photograph and then she rested on the tailgate.  

She got chilled and added clothing...gotta love the flip-flops in November.

As she threaded her arms through the sleeves she was singing about something, but since I have to pretend I am not hearing her, as this kind of intrusion is not appreciated, I am not quite sure what the tune was.

And finally she was finished with this project, three minutes had been consumed, and it was now time to find another way to pass the time.

I did hear this next song...It had to do with swabbing the deck.

Who knew a deck swabber smiled and sang while they worked?

Then she began searching Bloodhound's truck for entertainment.  A rope...

Within a few minutes the rope had ceased to be entertaining and just when I thought I was going to have to go home without seeing the men, I heard them trekking out of the woods.  As if to tease them this duck flew by their path out of the woods, right before they came into sight.

And then out they popped...one at a time.

It was a good day for them and you can see the pictures of their trip here.

We were just glad they were ready to come home.  Oh and two more things...

If you were a fairy wouldn't these dried flowers make the best hot cocoa mugs?

I have a fascination with ornaments that is beyond normal.  We have way too many and I like that quite a few of them commemorate events or hobbies that we enjoy.  This one is in honor of the duck hunters.

So, any ducks on your Christmas tree?
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