Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mama Kat Challenge - Top Ten Things I Miss About Being Alone

1.  Being able to spend $50 on groceries weekly and having food left over.  I now spend $150 and it is a balancing act.  My shopping trips are orchestrated with great calculations.

2.  Having both legs shaved at the same time.  I never have enough time to do that now...someone is always shouting, "Mom!" on the other side of the door.

3.  The ability to lie down in peace when I am suffering with a sinus infection or headache.  

4.  Being able to recognize the living room after spending said day in bed sick.  Or maybe I should say I miss being able to recognize the entire house after such.

5.  Using a small day planner that fit into my purse, to map my weekly appointments.  We currently track the family's commitments on a large calendar that is stuck to the front of the fridge.  It is covered with scratches, arrows, bright colors and extends into who will be driving what vehicle to make this week a success.

6.  Having laundry hills instead of mountains.  My four loads of laundry (and that included towels and sheets) has evolved into a dozen as the family has grown.

7.  Creating a salad with a bit of tuna and finding dinner to be quite satisfying.  To my family that is just the beginning of a great meal.

8.  Being able to get lost in a book.  Need I say more?

9.  Not having to choose between having quiet time to myself or sleep.

10.  And last but not least...being able to watch a chick flick without complaints from Bloodhound or our oldest male offspring.

By the way, MSN lists this as the top ten Chick Flicks.  Would you agree to these?  Add any of your own?

1.  Pretty Women
2.  The Women
3.  When Harry Met Sally
4.  Grey Gardens
5.  Sabrina
6.  The Valley of the Dolls
7.  Thelma and Louise
8.  Steel Magnolia
9.  The Beaches
10.  Gone With the Wind

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