Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Together

Together they make a large impact that can be seen from a distance, and the pink contrasts beautifully against the dark green.  

If this were a lone bloom one would feel compelled to come in and examine it up close.  As such, you would be allowed to see the delicateness of the pollen and the bees that swarm continually.

If this were a lone bloom it would be nearly impossible to smell it from the front yard, but since there are many it can be enjoyed from inside the house, if the window is open.

Together they are just more powerful.

This is true of foods, too.  A well baked chicken tastes wonderful, but when combined with a nicely seasoned gravy the flavors come together and take the chicken to a new level.

Together they are just more powerful.

This is also true of a boy and his faithful companion.  If he were to roam the riverbank without his dog, he would miss much as his nose is not strong enough to find many of the small creatures, bones and bottles that he is searching for.  And without him she cannot lift a tree trunk to get to a raccoon.

There is a lot to be said for standing alone. 

And then, but it is also impossible to deny the power of togetherness.  

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