Monday, March 5, 2012

Sheds and Lighter Knot Hunting

Well, hunting season is over, and that means a lot of things in terms of how we enjoy the woods.  One of our favorite things to do in the spring is shed and lighter knot hunting.  

When we go looking for sheds, we aren't hoping to find homeless-people-shacks in the woods, but rather shed or dropped, deer antlers.  This time of the year the deer are rubbing their antlers on trees in hopes of shedding them, or pushing them off their heads.  So, we stomp through the under brush in search of them.  What do we do after we find them, you ask?  I still haven't quite figured that out, but you can read more about it here, as I tried to answer that same question a few months ago.  And I am still open to any and all suggestion, regarding this issue.

As for ligther knot, lightered knot, or Bloodhound's preference - lighter'd knot, that is a whole different search and fortunately, it is a lot easer to find than sheds.  When a pine tree dies the sap drains down to the very bottom and inner portion of the tree.  Eventually the rest of the tree rots and the only thing that remains is the sap rich stump.  This stump is quite flammable and makes an excellent starter for a fire, and this is what we are looking for as we walk through the woods.  We didn't find any sheds but we did locate plenty of lighter'd knot.

It may look rotted but this will burn hot and fast.

I even stumbled across an old turpentine trough.  This one was used years ago to catch the turpentine as it dripped out of the tree.

My oldest found a throne tree that fit her rear perfectly.

And they call this their Victorian Pose.

The youngest son did his best Tarzan rope swinging.

Although we didn't find any sheds we did find the remains of an armadillo...

and one very large oak tree that was a new to us.

Bloodhound the Dog, not to be confused with Bloodhound the Husband, used his powerful nose to sniff out and hunt down a dead creature, to roll in.  Isn't that sweet?  Or maybe, not so much...But this is why he is a stay-in-the-yard pooch.

All in all, it was a good hunt.

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