Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Garden - Early April

I have something that is not organic that is growing and taking over large sections of my yard, thanks to my youngest son.  When he cannot find anything better to he grabs my garden wagon and heads over the riverbank to hunt bottles that have floated up in the marsh.  When my oldest boy was this age he had the same hobby and I was grateful when it passed.  Any ideas for mud covered bottles?  It isn't often that you find art projects that call for such!

If bottle growth is my least favorite yard development, my favorite is by far Confederate Jasmine.  I am known for my love of this vine and I have watched those which I planted ten years ago develop into marvelous specimens.  Life is good when you can sleep with the windows open and smell the jasmine blooming.

The watermelon that the kids planted a few weeks ago is growing and we owe it to all of the rabbit straw that we planted them in.

Our squash developed their first blooms this week.  I will be posting a marvelous squash recipe in a few days.

Last week I mentioned that I was building pallet planters.  I have three sides of the first planter complete and I hope to finish it soon.  I'll post a brief description of the process in a few weeks.

Last but not least...

The rabbits are growing and we currently have four mother's with kits.  

Look at this porker...

To do this week in the garden/yard:

1.  Continue spraying to kill the dollar weed in the lawn.
2.  Complete first planter and plant tomatoes in it.
3.  Spray Satsumas for fungus.
4.  Plant sunflowers
5.  Pick up a truck load of sweet gum balls.
6.  Purchase and plant eggplants.
7.  Seed herbs.
8.  Mow...always mow....mow until next September.
9.  Cook out and relax in the hammock.

What's on your gardening to-do list?

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