Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Gardens in Orlando

Many of the plants that grow in middle Florida also grow where we live.  The difference is that they thrive down there, and our's just grow.  While visiting Orlando I was amazed at how the canna lilies were dense with blooms, the hibiscus had trunks twice the size of any in my yard, and the bougainvillea shot out everywhere like a wild hair do.

I think this is Texas Sage.

Ribbit, Ribbit?

The Mimosas were covered in fluffy umbrella blooms.

Although I don't allow my children to pick flowers out of public gardens we were able to snag a hibiscus bloom off of a pile of clippings, that the gardeners collected.  

And she had fun with it.

And she has new glasses.

And I don't know why she is making this face.

Outside of a few years I spent in Atlanta, I have always lived near or in the tropics.  If I ever have to move I know I will miss all the flowers and trees common in this zone.  What about you?  Have you ever moved and missed the plants of your past?

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