Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Bunnies

Since we raise rabbits, I thought it might be fun if I shared a series of pictures showing how the babies develop.  Rabbits grow incredibly fast and I am constantly amazed when I check on a new kit, as to how much they have developed in just a few short days.  

Recently a few of our does (female rabbits) had been over fed by my helpful hands, also known as my children.  This can be a problem as the females will not get pregnant when they have extra weight, and if they do they usually have smaller kits.  Ulysses is a female mutt bunny that is my oldest daughter's pet and usually she has about a dozen babies in one kit.  This time around, due to her weight, she only had two.  Something you may not know about rabbits is that they have very rich milk.  Some say that there is not a richer milk provided by any other mammal.  They only feed their young for about five minutes each day.  Well let me just say, that these two rabbits are loving this free flow of milk, without any competition from a large set of siblings.

You can practically hear these two getting wider.  Here they are at one week.

They are born with teeth...very tiny cute little teeth "chips."

His name is marbles.

This is what my youngest son had to say when he saw this picture.

"I throw my hands in the air sometimes singin' Aiohh Just got a let go."

They aren't singing just yet...maybe next week.
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