Thursday, April 12, 2012

Something You May Not Know About Savannah - Part 3

In case you are new to this series, here is some background:

As many of you know I often use the blog writing prompts offered by Mama Kat's Losin It, and this week one of her challenges was to allow a family member or close friend to write something about you that your readers do not know, and post it.  I was afraid of what my family might write and I was also concerned that they would be too busy to find time to make a contribution.  Since I figured that whatever they wrote it would probably be humorous, I decided to use the spray approach and ask everyone to write something, in honor of my birthday this week.  I was amazed at the response I got and decided that I was way to embarrassed to post everything that was contributed.  I am impressed with how much my family loves me and I am very thankful.

Here is the story my older sister tells about me.  

My Sister Savannah McQueen:

When Miss Savannah came into the world I do not think there could be two more excited older Sisters.  We had waited 14 years for another sibling so when the moment arrived we were elated.  We were pros, we were the oldest Grandchildren on both sides of the family and had loads of experience babysitting and caring for a wee one, but nothing could have prepared us for HER.  We knew something was not right when we had her named for months prior to her arrival only to discover at the hospital that her name was changed to match our MOTHER.  That should have been the big clue.  See if you know our Mother you would understand, this is going to be a strong willed, take control at any cost person.  So she did not disappoint, she lived up to her name at birth.  In short order she assumed the role of the oldest child and I remained the youngest. She had no interest in sleeping; only sucking the life out of anyone and everyone around her. At this point I realized that my Mother’s genes were very strong and decided very quickly that I had no interest in any children of my own.

As she grew up she continued to amaze those around her, she never required much sleep and could pack more in one day than most of us could do in a week. It is no surprise she is the active Parent, Wife, Sister, and friend that she is today, all those early years of practice allows her to continue the crazy pace she keeps today.

All kidding aside, Miss Savannah is a dedicated and caring person, and although she does keep an active life she never judges or requires the same of anyone, she knows it is her life and if you would like jump on board it is going to be a wild ride, but never ever think about taking the wheel.

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