Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Six Roses in the Kitchen

Kat at "Mama Kat's Losin It"offers a wonderful list of weekly writing prompts for blog writers.   I try to hook up with her and pick one of her prompts to write a post on each week.  Last week I just couldn't get one done in time, even though I found a prompt that I liked and wanted to write about.

She suggested - On "The Bachelor" a rose is given to the women he could really see himself spending the rest of his life with. What six things in your life would you like to give a rose to and why?

I've decided to write a series on this rose giving idea.  And I am starting with my kitchen.  The six things that I would give a rose to in my kitchen are...

1.  Kitchen Aid Mixer - I've had mine now for fifteen years, but my mother has one that is nearly forty years old.  Until you have one you just don't know how badly you need one.  It mixes everything faster and easier.  

2.  Rice Cooker - I don't know the brand I own, but I do know that it makes rice to perfection with very little work on my part.  To read how we came to own our machine read this story.

3.  Food Processor - For the longest time I didn't believe I needed one of these kitchen tools.  Now, that I own one I wouldn't know how to live without it.  Soups, dips, and casseroles are all thrown together quicker with the food processor.

4.  Chest Freezer - I couldn't possibly take advantage of all of the weekly grocery sales without the extra freezer space.  Plus where would Bloodhound store all of his wild game?

5.  Dishwasher - Oh, the dishwasher doesn't get a lot of respect or appreciation, but if you have to live without it for any length of time, you'll be forever thankful.

6. Knives - The only thing better than having well made knives in the kitchen, is having a husband who keeps them sharp.

Okay...so now that I have listed my top six off the list what would you add? 

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