Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Pink Party

Have you ever attended a pink party before?  In case you haven't, let me paint a picture for you.  Imagine a card table set for a tea part, and then load a large yard sprayer with Pepto Bismol.  After applying a generous coat to the table, the food, and the guests you will have the perfect pink party.

My youngest daughter was full of glee when she heard that we were planning one, for her.  And we made sure that the table lived up to her expectations with these flowers, that were in a pink tinted water and milk solution.

On the day of this party I set out to make pink pound cake and faux Lofthouse cookies.  And then tragedy struck - my Kitchen Aid mixer croaked.  We ran to the store and she chose pink cupcakes and these pink and white iced animal crackers.

Her older sister was so resourceful in finding these flowers...

And then her guest arrived with the pink carnations and Pinkalicious (the doll) made a guest appearance.  Tea was pink tinted Sprite.  All in was a great evening and her friend left asking for a blue party, at her house.  I am looking forward to seeing what her mother serves in the way of blue food!

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