Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Doctor in Savannah

This past week our wee girl had to see a doctor in Savannah.  Now over the past visits her behavior has improved on these trips to the opthamologist, but she despises them and she makes this clear to me.  This trip had an added suspense, as we hadn't been to this doctor and she wasn't pleased to find that they used dilation drops, too.

So after a few hours of eye doctor hell, at least that is how she would describe it, we took her downtown to the candy shop.  The siblings were jealous.

Mom's glasses and a white chocolate dipped marshmallows brought peace in her world.

This place is a kids' delight.  Those are 25lb bags of sugar stacked at the entrance, and the smell of heavenly sweet greets you at the door.

A wall of taffy.  She stuck her hand down deep into the bins as she chose flavors to bring home to the family.

There were all flavors of chocolate, fruit and nut candy creations glistening through eye level glass.

This candy maker is in the window, and if you look in the reflection you can see the paddle boat that is docked in the Savannah River, in front of us.

She will need to go back to the torturer doctor in a few weeks, and this confectionary delight is what is making it tolerable.  Of course, Mom doesn't mind it either. 
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