Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6 roses to my technology

If you missed my first "6 Roses Post," you can read it here.

The nutshell version is this - If you were to give six roses to things that are a part of _______, which ones would you choose.  The first post were things in my kitchen I would offer roses.

So, what part of my technology world would I want to give a rose?

1.  Macbook - I don't know how I lived without it and I will not return to the other side again.  I am not sure what I was afraid of but the learning curve is so small, and well worth it.

2.  iPhone - A lot of smart phones have flooded the market since I got my first iphone four years ago.  I am sure that there are many out on the market now just as capable as my iPhone, but I really don't like change and this phone makes life so simple.

3.  Camera - I have a Canon Rebel xsi, that I received as a Christmas gift a few years ago.  It is rare that I long for something that costs this much but I have definitely experienced great joy shooting pictures with it.    The kids claim that I tuck it in every night before I go to bed.  They exaggerate.

4.  Universal Charger - In our house not only do the fairies come in at night and steal socks, so that I always have a basket of spares with no mates, but they also take all of our iphone, ipad, and kindle charging cords.  It is for this reason that I love our universal charger that resides on the hall table.  Evidently it is too big to fit inside of the fairies backpack.

5.  Roku/Netflix - This small box is a wonder.  We stream video, Pandora music, CNN News for Kids, and much more with our Roku, and it only cost $30.  

6.  Kindle - I have been a book lover since I could understand what a book was.  I gave up on the printed word with much resistance as I hate change (see # 1 and 2) and I thought that eReaders were the stupidest thing when I first learned of them.  I am a recovered eReader hater and now love that I can carry 104 books in my purse with this handy little device.  The best part about an eReader is that I can find a book online, buy it and be reading in less than five minutes.  When you live where I do and the closest store with a book is a 30 minute drive, this is heaven.

So, what technology would like to give a rose to?

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