Monday, March 26, 2012

Schools Out

Have you ever come in from work, turned on a sprinkler, changed into your swimsuit and cooled off in the water?

Have you ever finished your day and decided that you would really feel relaxed if you grabbed your BB gun and plinked fiddler crabs off the edge of the marsh with your spaniel to retrieve them?

Or when was the last day you relaxed by creating a pulley system with a large oak branch to elevate a pallet ten feet off the ground...for no specific reason, other than you could?

Every day when I say school is out, I am amazed at how my children pass the hours.  I am the great inventors think like a child?  Are they the ones that end their day by burning holes in leaves with a magnifying glass...and then the great idea strikes?

Whether I end my day with a book or a television show, the main goal is to finish.  I don't think my kids set out with a sprinkler in their hand planning to finish anything.

I have concluded that one of the main differences of childhood and adulthood is that children play for the sake of play, with no end in sight.  Maybe this is why they cannot ever put up their "toys" when they are finished.  What do you think?

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