Wednesday, March 14, 2012

...and the Cherokee Rose

What's new in my garden this week?

The dwarf peaches are just days away from popping with vivid pink blooms.

The Rugosa Rose is a deciduous bush that makes up for its barbed wire like branches by being a profuse bloomer of single purple blooms.  It requires very little maintenance and loves salty air and sandy soil.  If you are new to roses you will love the great results you get with this bush.  And if you like to make tea with rose hips, this is the perfect rose for you.

The lilies are popping up out of the ground and if you remember my rant last week about the sweet gum balls in our yard, there is one at the bottom of this picture.  Aren't they wicked?

My favorite new growth in the yard this week is this peppermint striped tulip that is about to open.  My two youngest saw the bag of bulbs in the store last fall, and convinced their father he needed to buy it.  They have waited five months to see this red and white striped bloom.  Since it doesn't freeze here tulips only last one year.

What is old in the garden this week?

The camellias have bloomed and are now fading.  These beautiful bushes are the light of the garden in winter, as they bloom in brilliant colors.  Bloodhound's grandfather was a lover of the Camellia and he grafted new varieties.

...and the Cherokee Rose.  It is a vigorous growing rose that blooms once a year with white single roses.  In many areas of Georgia this is a nuisance rose as it pops up along all the fence lines.  And its thorny branches make it a real challenge to remove.

Even its blooms are covered in sharp points. Unlike the Rugosa I wouldn't want these hips in my tea.

And of course the vegetable seedlings are plugging along.

Life is good in the garden.

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