Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Garden at the End of March

This week and next will be the peak of the Amaryllis season, in our yard.  

The iris are bursting open with their deep purple blooms.

This Bengal Tiger Cana Lily is one of my favorite plants.  I looked all over to find one and I anxiously await its yellow and orange striped blooms.  They should be here within a couple weeks.

And finally my squash and cucumber garden is in.  

Yellow Squash...

My wee kids planted seven watermelon plants that they grew from seeds.

The watermelon were planted in large mounds of dirty straw from the rabbit house.  This is Blackbird (named by our littlest girl) a Silver Fox Rabbit that will be giving birth to her first litter next week.

At first glance you might not recognize this bloom, but next winter it will be holly berries.  I happened to notice these small slightly fragrant flowers because I followed the sound of the bee buzz.

Also fragrant right now are the Satsuma blooms.  Notice the wee orange in the background of the picture?

What is blooming in your yard?

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