Monday, March 19, 2012

6 Roses to Meals Eaten Out

If you missed other posts in the "6 Roses" series, you can read them here.

The nutshell version is this - If you were to give six roses to things that are a part of _______, which ones would you choose.  The first post were things in my kitchen I would offer roses and then I followed up with roses to technology.

This week I am offering roses to meals I've eaten out at restaurants.

1.  Drago's - This is a restaurant in New Orleans that is known for its charbroiled oysters.  In an effort to create this post I looked them up on line.  When this oyster dish appeared on the screen my taste buds started to water.  This dish is so amazing that after having them for our appetizer and eating our entree we ordered another dish of charbroiled oysters, as our dessert.  If you are in New Orleans find Drago's and indulge.  I know I will!

2.  Ali Baba - After arriving in New York we were starved. My sister, oldest daughter and I set out  in search of dinner.  We happened upon Ali Baba and it was a wonderful restaurant with perfect Turkish food.  We enjoyed it so much that before returning home we visited again.  I had my first cup of Turkish coffee, while visiting and I have to say that it was quite an experience.  I am a black coffee drinker and I couldn't dump enough sugar in this cup of joe.

3.  Semolina's - This pasta institution in New Orleans is divine.  If you like pasta, cheese and all things creamy you will adore this restaurant.  It became a family tradition to go here on Mother's Day, and this holiday has never been the same for me, since we left New Orleans.

4.  Francy Q's - There is sushi and there is good sushi.  Fancy Q's on St Simons Island, has mouth- watering-I-know-I-can-shove-another-piece-in-my-mouth sushi.  If you are ever visiting this Georgia Isle, look them up in the village.  You won't be sorry and it will make your sun soaked skin experience all that much more worth while.

5.  Tujaques - This restaurant serves six courses and the menu only offers four entrees, but everything is cooked to perfection.  What I love most here though is dessert.  They have a bourbon bread pudding that is velvety and rich.  I don't even like bread pudding and I contemplated licking the inside of my ramekin, in order to get the last drop of the bourbon sauce.  When I return to New Orleans and I've eaten my oysters at Drago's, entree at Semolina's the next stop will be Tujaques for dessert.

6.  Iquana Cafe - This really isn't much of a restaurant.  It is an outdoor cafe in Key West that is known for it's bar as much as anything else.  But it was here that Bloodhound and I spent a vacation together, before children.  We were in the keys enjoying crystal clear water, warm sun on our skin (which I like but my freckled hide does not) and we didn't feel the need to call and check on our children, as they didn't exist.  Do I need to say more? 

What are your favorite restaurants? Which ones would you like to give a rose to, and why?

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