Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All In A Day's Work, Part 3 - Hello, Anyone There?

In mid spring I was leading the youth in a dinner theater production.  We were just a few days away from the big show and I needed to prepare the dining area with large window decorations and set the tables with fancy tablecloths and long centerpieces.  Since I am a morning person and I couldn't sleep for all the stress, I woke long before daylight and drove to the church to finish these tasks.  When I reached the building it was still dark.  I hauled my goods from the car and set about working.

After an hour or so I heard the back door open and close.  I knew that it was nearly daylight and I had learned through the years that pastors often arrive at the church fairly early.  I assumed that within a few minutes he would either poke his head into the lit up fellowship hall where I was working, or settle into his office to work.   When I heard his keys drop onto the table on the other side of the door from where I was working, I called out to him.  

I knew the minute I opened my mouth that no one was there.  I grabbed my keys and ran out of the building.  I stood out on the sidewalk near my van, and it was just barely light.  When I looked back at the building there weren't any lights on inside.  I hopped in the car and decided that although my heart was racing and I was wide awake, I wanted another cup of coffee.  As I poured a cup of joe and paid for it at the convenience store a black away, I had a little talk with myself.  It was with a determined mind that I returned to the church and circled the building looking for a car.  There weren't any.

I parked and sipped my coffee from the safety of my vehicle, and contemplated how I was going to handle this situation.  Whenever I watch a horror movie I strongly criticize those who ignore obvious warnings.  So ignoring my intuition was not an option.  Fortunately the pastor arrived within a few minutes and I casually joined him as he strolled into the church.  I didn't mention my episode with the keys or that I had even been in the church earlier that morning.  He did his work and I did mine, and when the secretary showed we all met in her office for a quick meeting.  

At some point we heard tables and chairs being drug around in the Fellowship Hall, down the hall from us.  It is not uncommon in a church for this to happen.  For instance if the women are having a luncheon a few of them will show early, or even the day before and set up the room.  So we thought nothing of it until we convened our meeting and went to see who was setting up and for what event.  We were shocked and speechless to find that there were no women, men or anyone else setting up anything, anywhere in the church.  I then shared my story.

Tomorrow I will tell the final tale of All In A Day's Work.  I get chills just remembering it.  Click here to read Part 1 or Part 2.  To make sure you don't miss the rest of this story sign up for the Hammock Tracks newsletter, in the right hand column.
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