Sunday, February 5, 2012

Yard Crew For Hire

This week I decided it was time to recover the yard from months of neglect during the winter season.  A few weeks ago we experienced a hard freeze, and all of the cold sensitive plants were reduced to singed branches.  

So, I sent the kids out to begin clipping and reclaiming the yard. 

As I watched from the house I learned many things...

Evidently old football jerseys make good yard work apparel.  Not only does this child have one on, but later you will see that the youngest one does too.  

But more importantly...This is the site manager and his assistant-in-training.

The oldest daughter decided that cleaning the yard without the proper music blaring from the front porch, was not an option.  She only set about using her yard clippers after this was in place and screaming music, which I am sure our retired neighbors thoroughly appreciated. 

Evidently if you are ten years old and your cool eighteen year old sister plays her favorite music, you walk a bit differently as you load the wagon.

It didn't have that affect on the wee girl.  She simply completed her task in her brother's old football jersey and ignored the other jamming fools.  

Meanwhile, the older brother created new yard work jamming moves.

After giving him the look of death with a slight tinge of disgust, she returned to clipping...

And like many boys, my son decided that being ignored while he performed meant one thing. He must take it up a notch.  Grabbing this dried flower and using it as a microphone was just the added touch he needed, in order to send everyone into laughter.

So...does your yard need some attention?  I can send my crew over and they will not only work, but they will also entertain you and annoy your neighbors with their music.

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