Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Going Radical

Just a few days ago my youngest son was out making repairs to his new Nerf Oozie, in bare feet and wearing summer clothing.

Did you know that they make Nerf guns this big?  It takes 6 - D batteries! I am going to imagine that he is about to talk into a pretend walk-talkie, and not about to wipe his nose on his sleeve.  It is a mother's prerogative to see her children through rose colored glasses.  And I am choosing to believe that my little darling couldn't possibly be using his shirt in such a disgusting, not my child.

The business banker was out in her playhouse counting her fortunes, in a spring sundress.

Until she pulled on her classy and most sparkly Disney princess cowboy boots and did some gardening.  Oh, what an outfit!  Her grandmother who was as stylish and polished as Jaclyn Kennedy, would be so proud.

And then it happened.  Last night the temperatures dropped below freezing.  My heart which was dancing with the joys of spring, feels as cold and dead as this picture.

Some protest by camping at our nation's capital.  I am making a far more dramatic and radical stand.  I am staying in my pajamas until spring returns.  The kids think that it is pretty embarrassing and have started a Native American bring-spring-on dance.
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