Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Day In The Life of... coffee cup and purging buddy.

My coffee cup is greeted with a warm, albeit unsteady, hand.  It gets my attention before I brush my teeth, say good morning to the first bleary eyed child, feed the demanding cat, or let the dogs out.  The spaniels hear my alarm go off at 5 A.M. and they immediately jump off their owners' beds and start dancing and prancing.  The cat jumps up when I throw back the covers and leads me up the hall to her bowl like a police escort with a tail.

But my coffee cup is the only thing I have eyes for, at this hour.

After a few cups of coffee the cup is forgotten.


I sit to read aloud to the kids.  During this hour I enjoy another cup of freshly brewed coffee and consider how I really cannot indulge anymore.  My hands are steadier and my voice is clear...the kids have not yet created a stressful vibration in my tone.  

The day is young.

After coffee, and before tea.

My cup is with me everywhere until I go for a bike ride and I need my water bottle.

The cup goes to town with me while I run errands, visit the doctor, stop for coffee at Fourbucks Starbucks (Have you tried the blonde roast?  I highly recommend it), or go to church.  It is well travelled.

And so, you ask, "How does purge buddy come in to this?"

Here ya go...

Today though...I had a bad experience with my cup.  It almost ruined our relationship.  You see I was headed back to the computer with my first cup of joe in the week morning hours, and somehow I caught the edge of the desk and spewed coffee all over my calendar, home school planning book, many important papers, two devotional books and much more.  It wasn't pretty.  And I was dancing and exclaiming way earlier than normal.

At this point I was not only very agitated but the cute little saying in the lip of my cup - "Its a wonderful life," wasn't helping my attitude one bit.

Alas, I needed another cup, so I chilled out and reconciled our differences...we are back together.

And tomorrow is a new day...

I was just thinking yesterday that I need to clean up my desk, and then my coffee cup / purging buddy handled it.

Or maybe I am just getting old and can't carry a coffee cup, anymore.

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