Friday, February 17, 2012

This Past Week

This past week I have been calling this home.  I've been in Atlanta living the life of a single woman.

A single woman who is...
therefore doesn't stay up late
enjoying warm waffles and omelettes cooked by someone else
not doing laundry, dusting or making the bed
not barking at kids or worrying about lessons
growing weary of the relaxation and thinks life should return to normal soon.

Last night Bloodhound and I ventured down to the small historic town of Marietta.

Please note the Australian Bakery in the background.  More to come on that!

We paid tribute to the male statue in the square, a Mr. Cobb.

Which also included this beautiful fountain.

I was excited to find an old theater, still in use.  

And eventually we found another way to relax without children.  We settled into a great coffee house to read, with a fabulous cup of green tea.  At least I did.  Bloodhound sipped coffee.  I am not sure that it was spectacular because he never mentioned it.  But quietly soaking in the warm room with the old walls, creaky floors, rich odor of roasted coffee bean, and reading without interruption was over the top wonderful.
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