Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Unusual Hilton

The Hilton in Marietta is unusual.  It is built on the original site of the Georgia Military Institute and the lobby has paintings depicting the original buildings and a few relics.  The GMI was built in the 1850's and grew quickly to ultimately house one hundred young college students, each year.  Unfortunately Georgia was burned from the mountains to the sea by Gen. Sherman, during the civil war, and in 1864 the institute fell victim to this demise.

The original layout of the college is depicted in this mural, painted on the wall in the hotel lobby.  Today the Hilton is situated in a very similar fashion and designed with a shape reminiscent of the main building of the long lost institute, and the parade ground is replicated by a long patch of grass adorned with three flag poles.



Also located in the lobby, is an original cannon that was confiscated during the war, but returned to Georgia in 1910.  The painting in the background includes Mrs. Brumby, the wife of Col. Arnoldus V. Brumby, the first superintendent of the Georgia Military Institute.

The most interesting artifact on display is an original document detailing the classes to be taught at this college.

And the personal items list is also framed.  I didn't see any of the usual swim suit, bug spray, and sunscreen that my kids usually haul off to summer camp.

I bet the cadets didn't have this long porch with comfy rocking chairs and pretty pansies, either.

But I sure have enjoyed these comforts and learning about this American history.
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