Monday, February 20, 2012

Flat Landers on the Golf Course

They say that pictures speak louder than words.  So, I will keep this brief.

My flat landers were very impressed by the hills in Atlanta, and the ones at the golf course behind the hotel demanded their attention.

Off they went...

Who needs snow and a sled?

She gave out before he did.

His goal was to find the biggest hill and stop, drop and roll.

And then as if hills weren't thrill enough, they found rocks.  "ROCKS!!!  Look Mom!  There aren't rocks where we live."  And they are right, we don't have them at home.

Eventually the lure of the water pulled them away from the hills and to the edge of the pond.

The geese were put out.  Evidently we are more invasive than the golfers who normally use this course.

But the geese weren't the only ones to get put out with our presence on the course.  Eventually the man babies golfers complained that we were in the way, and we had to return to the hotel.

But we hauled home some great, six golf balls, and lots of dry grass and Georgia clay stains.  And for the record, no golfer has ever looked as happy on the course as these two did this morning.  And lastly...if you aren't is not a sport.
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