Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I Learned While Visiting Washington D.C.

1.  I guess it is my luck that while visiting the capital for the first time in my life I would find the following...The reflecting pool at Lincoln's memorial was drained.  The Washington Monument is closed due to the earth quake.  The Jefferson Memorial can on be entered from one side.  It would rain for most of my visit.

2.  My daughter's first ride on the subway was painful.  She gripped the door with her hands and screamed, "Does it go under ground?"

3.  Food is expensive in D.C.  We bought two pieces of pizza, a hamburger, and three drinks for lunch.  The final cost? $30

4.  The Korean War monument is poignant.

5.  The Franklin Delano Roosevelt monument is exquisit - a moving dedication to this incredible man's life.

6. Viewing the city from Arlington House is something you don't want to miss.

7.  If it is raining and your visit is a short one, the Old Town Trolley is worth every cent of the admission.

8.  Joggers are everywhere.

9.  As are police, surveillance cameras, barricades and ducks.

10.  The American Indian Museum is nice but not easily enjoyed by children.

11.  The maximum number of museums that we could fly through in one day?  Three

12 Monuments are different...we explored six, on Friday.

13.  And last but not least...I was reminded of how much I love being in a big city.  It was with great reluctance that I climbed on the train to return home.

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