Friday, October 21, 2011

Things I've Never Done

I am 41 years old, and I have never...

1. Swam in murky water. It borders on being against my religion.

 2. Ridden a motorcycle.

3. Been to Alaska or Ireland, but they are both on my bucket list.

4. Given birth without drugs. And, this is not on my bucket list.

5. Enjoyed riding a horse. I feel deficient. I prefer a four wheeler, as they turn when I want them to and the brakes are faultless.

6. Been able to sing. My kids remind me of this fairly often. Its all about choosing the correct music. For instance, if you are singing to Def Leppard you don't need to be able to carry a tune.

7. Known when to be silent, and held my tongue. Bloodhound need not jump in at this point. 

8. Completed a marathon or triathlon.

9. Purchased a Christmas Tree at a farm. They just don't have nice ones in the South.

10. Enjoyed eating potato salad or pears.

11. Had a blind date.

12. Owned a velvet image of Elvis. Or, any other Elvis paraphernalia.

13. Allowed my kids to own pet snakes or rats.

14. Thrown up on a roller coaster, or had any other embarrassing bodily functions go hay wire.

15. Used a non-white hotel comforter.

16. Owned a banana seat bike, and I still feel deprived. Dad thought a Raleigh 10-speed was a much better choice.

17. Liked cold weather.

18. Been afraid of flying.

19. Eaten anything anyone dared me to eat.

20. Worn contacts.

21. Snow skied. See #17

22. Had a working fire place in my bedroom.

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