Thursday, October 27, 2011

22 Things I have Done and a Versatile Blog Award

Last week I listed the 22 things I had never done.  Here are 22 things I have done.

I have...

1.  Been married for over two decades.

2.  Worn the 80s big hair.

3.  Had my wisdom teeth removed.

4.  Outside of the eight years we lived in New Orleans, always lived in either Florida or Georgia.

5.  Grown to love Thanksgiving as my favorite holiday.

6.  Been to Europe and I want to go back.

7.  Hiked in the Appalachian Mountains for four days and three nights.

8.  Been on a Greek Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

9.  Been the youngest, middle and oldest child.  My siblings are spread way out.  For five years I was the youngest,  and then I was the middle, and then the older two sisters moved out and I became the oldest.

10.  Ran a 5k, and beat people half my age...pacing is everything.  They had me for the first mile and then I smiled and waved. :)

11.  Sold Tupperware.

12.  Taken two kids under the age of five on a plane, by myself.  I wouldn't recommend it but it is the 2nd best form of birth control.  The first is riding with the same two kids in the car for ten hours.

13.  Shopped in the wee hours of a Black Friday Sale and had things stolen from my cart.  Its a good thing I am a morning person.  My daughter's response would not have been nearly as kind.

14.  Enjoyed playing with the following toys when I was a child: Star Wars Legos, Mandy Dolls, Holly Hobby, small Matchbox cars, Lite Brite, various Fisher Price Towns, (but the Elevated Garage was my favorite) and a beloved blue bike.  I can still see it sitting under the Christmas tree.

15.  Stayed up all night on a certain holiday, cursing the creator of a child like item, all the while trying to stay jolly.

16.  Always thought that french fries were the perfect food.  I've never met one I didn't like and I can rate all those sold at major restaurants.

17.  Given up any hope of ever wearing a bikini again.

18.  Taught one child to read, graduated another from home school and will graduate the next one in the spring.  That's two down and two to go.  My home school commitment will be complete in the year '22.

19. Always told everyone in my family that when the last child leaves for college I am buying a red Mustang convertible.

20.  Now come to realize that I may look a bit odd driving that car as I will be 53 years old...but it is a chance I am willing to take.

21.  A bike that I adore riding and I dream of taking a long cross country trip on it.

22.  Four of the cutest and most wonderful children, and I am very proud of them.

On another note...

I recently received an award - The Versatile Blogger Award.  I and honored that Elizabeth at Yes, They're All Ours chose me and I need to pass this along to fifteen twelve new bloggers. So here are my choices:

1.  Adventures in Mommydom

2.  Life as Mom

3.  Oh Amanda

4.  Seven Steps Up

5.  An Island Mom

6.  So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler

7.  Mama's Losin It

8.  Counting Caballeros

9.  Casa del Hansen

10.  Miss. Deb

11.  East 9th Street

12.  Growing Phases Farm

In receiving this award I must list seven things about myself.  I decided to make it 22 and link up with:

Mama Kat Losin It.

If you are suffering from writer's block head over there and sign up for her newsletter.  She send out three writing prompts every week.
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