Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weird and Spooky Story Link Up

A few years ago, before the day had begun or the sun was up, I was awake and knocking out a lot of my chores for the day.  I had started some breakfast and a load of laundry.  A morning walk was still on my agenda but I wanted to get some meat out of the freezer to defrost for dinner.  So, I got on my walking clothes and headed out to our detached garage.

I pulled open the large tin garage door and lifted the lid on my chest freezer.  Of course, the food I am looking for is never on the top of the pile, so I proceeded to move stuff around and search for the package I wanted.  My hands were getting cold and I was creating an avalanche of food on one side of the freezer when I heard my neighbor call out to me.  "Hey!" he said, in a chipper and friendly voice.  I remember thinking, "Oh my gosh!  Can't I even sneak out to my garage at 5:30 am without someone trying to talk to me."  I smothered my resentful feelings and answered with a friendly, "Hello."

Suddenly I had a real cold feeling, and it wasn't coming from the freezer.  I knew without a doubt that my neighbor was not outside talking to me.  The fact that my response was greeted with a deafening silence confirmed my fears, and although my eyes strained as they searched the darkness, I couldn't find anyone. With both hands I crammed all the stacked food back into the freezer, slammed the lid down and bolted for the house.  I waited until daylight before I struck out on my walk.

I'm still not sure who spoke to me that morning but I am positive that they were very friendly and that they were only there for a fleeting moment.  I'm not sure how I know this...but I do.

Have you ever experienced a spooky moment?

In the spirit of Halloween I've created this link up.  Many of us have had some hard to explain occasions in our lives.  These were times when we were never able to pin point what took place, but something unusual definitely transpired.

This link-up will last for the entire month of October.


1.  Please link back to this page.
2.  Leave a comment in the comment section.
3.  Any stories about a spooking event are welcome.
4.  It is not mandatory but I would appreciate it if you would follow me on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing your stories!

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