Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Masks and Shopping After Holiday Clearance Sales

As much as I like decorating my house for the holidays, I refuse to buy the festive goodies before a holiday.  They are so overpriced and usually quite flimsy.  I am known to clean up clearance sales, though.  One year in early January I bought a little over $1000 worth of Christmas decorations, wrapping paper and four artificial trees for $100.  I timed my clearance check at Target really well and they were just marking everything 90% off.

Last year I strolled into the same Target after Halloween and found another 90% mark down.  Only this time the discount was on costumes and decorations.  Since I cannot sew or make costumes look very realistic, a costume sale is a real find!  I can skip buying Christmas decorations but the kids have to get Halloween costumes.  At a minimum of $20 a piece it really chafes me to spend that.  So, I was elated when I purchased three star wars costumes, a unicorn costume, three pair of Halloween socks, three Halloween t-shirts, two mask kits, and three dog costumes for $34!  

For the record...normally the dogs would just have to wear their birthday suits.  

As Halloween approached and the kids began discussing what they were going to be this year, I thought of my stash in the attic.  On the 1st of this month we pulled down the boxes and decorated the house.  The mask kit was a big hit, although, not at all worth it's original price of $10.

It was a great $1 activity, though.

This is Trankenstein as my wee one calls it.

And the boy says he thinks this looks like a Native American ghost.

I'm not sure if I will luck out and hit another after Halloween Clearance, but I'll be looking for one.  What about you?  Do you shop after the holidays?  What is your best clearance find?

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