Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Photos - Shameless Bragging - Part 1

Nothing makes a cuter photo than a baby or young child, and since they can be very time consuming and exhausting to care for, I see this as a redeeming feature.  My niece came to visit us last week and I got so excited because I knew that a photo opportunity had arrived.

Her mother won extra browny points because she came bearing props.  Check out this witch hat.

She didn't think it was nearly as cute as we did.  It was a constant

Once the hat was gone, she set about to explore the plastic pumpkin and the turban gourd.

She now has six teeth...look out pumpkin.

How about this for a jack-o-lantern?

It won't fit in the bucket.

Do you have some shameless bragging photos on your page?  Add the link in the comment section below.
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