Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hickory Nuts at the End of the Day

After a long day of school the kiddos need to go out and play.  They need it because their brains are spent but their energy is still strong.  I require it because my brains are are my patience.  Just being honest...I love teaching my children and I am thankful that I am given the opportunity.  But, when the end of the day arrives I am exhausted and hearing them play outside is a lovely thing.  So a few days ago, on a beautiful fall day, I sent them out.  I gave them a job to do knowing full well that it would only slightly get done, and that they would play and enjoy this late autumn afternoon.  Their chore?  Collect hickory nuts off the river bank.  Many years the crop is skimpy, but this year we have a bumper crop and the squirrels are dancing in delight.

And then suddenly I wanted to enjoy watching them from a distance.  This required my camera because I was free to enjoy my hobby and my favorite subjects, my children and the landscape, as they combined to create unique photos.  

This is a hickory that planted itself in our side yard.  Bloodhound thought its shape was beautiful and that the end of the house could use the shade, so he let it grow up.  I am glad that was his decision as I can only imagine how beautiful it will be, in the fall, in  about twenty years.

Now this wee girl, in her flashy purple headband, obviously misunderstood my instructions. I didn't ask her to pick up fall leaves or pluck flowers from my new fall decorations.  

Side Note: Will she ever have hips?

Here is one child that is doing what he is told...even if he is sitting on the job.  Maybe he wanted to enjoy watching the sun set?  I am not sure I can blame him.  I only wonder if he realizes how lucky he is to live here and soak this up...without a real care in the world.   He doesn't even have the normal stresses of elementary school.  Bully?  What's that?

The bounty...

They say that the eyes are the window to our soul.  

I find there is a lot of depth to a person's hands, too.

I am not sure if she ever used her hands to pick up a hickory nut!  She must have been a good cheerleader, though, because he is smiling.  If she were just running around not contributing in some capacity he would have been whining, not grinning.  

Side Note: Who knew it was necessary to have a sling shot around your neck while picking up nuts?

Ah...the truth comes out...she was the bucket hauler!

She's in her flip flops and Daisy Duke gotta love autumn in the Deep South!
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