Thursday, November 17, 2011

Has Anyone Seen Thanksgiving...It's Missing

What has happened to Thanksgiving?

Are we all going to sit back and watch it become a day of shopping?

We can all post cute little numbered things we are thankful for on Facebook, but can we back those feelings up by refusing to shop on Thanksgiving?

I am all for saving money, and in years past I've done that on Black Friday.  But, it has gone too far.  Opening at midnight on Friday?  When will the people who work in these stores celebrate Thanksgiving?  They will need to spend most of Turkey Day sleeping.  They will be tired after stocking all of the store on Wednesday and then they will need to turn around and stay up all night so we can shop like crazed fools.  All in the name of Christmas....

Have we lost our minds?

This year I will not buy a single Christmas gift or item from a store that was open for shoppers on Thanksgiving or right after the clock strikes midnight.

I have a choice and I will sleep happily knowing that I may have spent 20% more for my Christmas purchases, but I won't support companies that refuse to allow their employees to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Alternatives to spending our money at the chain stores that promote this crazy spending:

1.  Zoo - Buy your family a pass and you will enjoy it all year.
2.  Hair and nail salon gift certificates.  Who can't appreciate a pedicure?
3.  Online shopping - check out a few Etsy shops while you are at it.  Plus you can stay in pjs and do that.
4.  Arts and Crafts Christmas Bazaars - Many times you can support a charity in the process.

And then we can always decide to just spend less on our families, altogether.  I know it is a novel idea.  It may even be radical.  But since many of us are celebrating the season in the name of Jesus, maybe we should find a need and let our finances meet it.  And in doing so we'll pare back the amount spent on ourselves.

Am I alone?  If you are with me, link up your rant below or leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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