Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Cat My Conscious

She is lying on my desk ready to convey words of wisdom through her eyes.  When I walk in the room after grueling hours of school work with the kiddos she stands to greet me.

She has kept my laptop warm and managed to knock every pencil and my camera cord onto the floor.

She decides that sharing my work space is not an option and she jumps onto the bed and stares at the side of my face.  I hear her thoughts...

"Are you really going to play on that thing, rather than fold these clothes?  If it will help you to change your mind, I'll rub on them and toss them to the ground, too.  Then the dogs can run back and forth across them."

"Reading this book about the history of cotton would be a much better use of your time."

"Are you listening to me?  Or shall I push your ice tea off the desk?"

"I give up...you are impossible and I need a cat nap.  I hope you don't mind if I knead the pages of this book until I drift off."

Now that she has quit staring at me I'll get busy posting my new Chocolate Gingerbread Waffle Recipe.
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