Thursday, January 19, 2012

Where I've Been and You Can't Stop Time

So Christmas came and went and the kids were very pleased, and for the first time in my life I was just happy that it was over.  I have been feeling weak and tired in recent months and the situation just got worse in a slow creepy kind of way.  By the time the holidays arrived I was barely functioning.  After dealing with thyroid issues for years I recognized the symptoms and I headed to the doctor for blood work.

An increase of Synthroid (thyroid hormone replacement) and I was good to go.

I regret the time I lost here on Hammock Tracks and that the holidays were endured rather than enjoyed.  I am trying not to focus on this lost time and then this happened...

While dressing my six year old daughter for church I realized that her red shoes were quite scuffed and I wondered how I could clean them up.  I knew that I had a plastic box containing shoe polish, but I was fairly certain that none of it was the shade of ruby red.  Since I was frantic, which is always the case on Sunday morning, I dug into the depths of my bathroom cabinet to find the box.  There wasn't any red shoe polish, and ultimately I painted the toes of her shoes with my quick drying red nail lacquer.  It was a perfect match and I felt like a genius for thinking of it.

What I did find in this Sunday morning shoe scuff emergency was an aerosol can of white shoe polish that stopped me in my tracks and launched a hundred memories.  For this was the can of polish that I used when my children wore their first shoes.  They were more like boots and when my oldest two reached this stage we actually went to a shoe store to have them fitted.  These were stores that treated you like a prince or princess as they wiggled shoes on and off your feet until they found the ones that truly fit.  No one ever walked out and managed to get a blister in these shoes, as they were tried on your pigs by professionals, who had been fetching shoes for their customers for many generations.

One advantage to being down?  You really appreciate being normal again...whatever normal is.

Anyone else fondly remember polishing their one year old's new shoes when they got scuffed?
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