Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cuz And Bubba Jam

This Christmas I offered to take pictures of my niece and nephew, and as I set about the task I was reminded of how quickly a one year old can get around.  I was truly exhausted when I had finished chasing her, and then I realized that I still hadn't taken one image of my nephew.   

Now he is seven years old and I figured, "This will be easy...I'll snap some and then go relax with a cup of green tea."

Oh how naive...

What started out as me taking photos of him with a huge Calvin smile (as in from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon) quickly deteriorated to my son joining him in some kind of random dance.  And I am using the word dance very liberally here.

Teeth and dimples were flying...

...shrimpers were entertained as they returned to the dock. you think they can dance?  Or maybe they should keep their day jobs?

One thing is for sure...Years from now when they have wives, these images will be entertaining.
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