Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One day not so long ago...

...we took a quick vacation to the Coronado Springs Resort.  It was breezy, comfortably warm (most of the time), green and lush and the sky was crystal clear with large puffy clouds.  My spine relaxes just gazing at this picture.  Can you remain stressed at such a location?

And on this day we slipped into swimsuits, grabbed our water bottles and beach ball and headed to the pool.

And, what a pool it was!  As is typical in middle Florida, the sky clouded up for a little afternoon shower, but it went as quickly as it came and we returned to playing in this gorgeous oasis.

See how exhausted she is from this labor?

Eventually we worked up an appetite and headed off, but not before creating a few poses.

What?  You don't bring a sword to the pool? 

As we walked to the restaurant the sun set on the lake, but not our trip.  More to come...

Where have you enjoyed watching the sun set?
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