Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Little About Me and Secret Blog Pal

I'm releasing a new blog event today but before I got into the details I wanted to share a little bit about me.

A walk down memory lane...

I was raised in Miami and at the age of twelve my parents moved to Atlanta. Let me just say that this is not the modern day Atlanta that hosted the olympics in 1996. We moved to Roswell which was on the north side and when we left civilization on Hwy 400, as we drove to our new house, I recall seeing a cow in the median. I am not sure if there really was one or if I felt that we had moved into such a remote area, that there ought to be some livestock on the highway.

The list of adjustments that this move required was very long.  Until we relocated to North Georgia three days before Christmas, I had never seen the need for shoes unless we were going to school or running errands. So, when the mail came and my mother asked me to get it I trotted out the front door and up our new and extremely long driveway. About two thirds of the way there I realized that I had made a big mistake in not wearing shoes, since it was about 30F degrees.  But I didn't turn back, instead I ran faster.  I figured, "How bad could it get?" By the time I got to the box I was dancing, on the return trip the searing pain started and I was nearly crying in agony by the time I hit the front door. Where in hades had my parents moved to?

Oh, and then there was this school issue. You see in Miami I had attended a jr high. In Atlanta there was no such thing. Grades were broken down such that k-7 went to one school and 8-12 attended another. I was in the 7th grade. I went from lockers and choosing pizza or burgers for lunch to walking in a straight line and getting whatever was on the elementary cafeteria schedule. In addition to this I was an earlier bloomer and by this time I was 5'6" and fully developed. I remember hearing the teacher tell us to line up for recess and thinking, "I could figure out how to squeeze through that window and run home. Surely I can explain this horrific situation to my parents and they will return me to the land of sun shine."

Five years later, after my father died, my mother moved us back to Florida. I forgave her for putting me through hell, kissed the ground when we arrived at our new house, and started my senior year in a school six blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, with great joy.  It wasn't Miami, but I was willing to call it home.

Now the Secret Blog Pal...

I tell you this because today I am launching a new event on my blog.  If you are a blogger and familiar with having a secret pal you might want to check this out.  Here is how it works:

1.  Notify me at this address -, that you are interested in participating.
2.  I will send you a questionnaire form to fill out.  It will have various random questions on it.  For instance - What is your favorite color?  What did you want to be when you grew up?  Etc.
3.  Fill out the form and I will pair you up with another participant as their secret pal.
4.  On release day they will write a post all about you, based on the questionnaire, and include a link to your blog.
5.  You will do the same for your secret pal and in the process you will both receive new traffic to your webpage.


1.  Your site must be personal and offer some insight into who you are.
2.  You need to have been blogging for three months with at least two posts per week.
3.  You must be committed to the release date so that no one is left without a secret pal.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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